Since 2010, HRAPF has been implementing the access to justice program. The program objective is to increase sustainable access to justice for marginalised persons and Most at Risk Populations in Uganda. This is aimed at improving their wellbeing.

Through this program, HRAPF is interested in improving the quality of access to justice for our target constituencies and as such, strategies employed under this program are aimed at contributing to improving the quality of our services. HRAPF’s legal aid clinic is strengthened to provide more support and to follow up on cases. For greater impact and outreach, mobile legal aid camps and awareness sessions are conducted at regional/district levels and/or in partnership with organisations of marginalised persons and Most at Risk Populations communities. This also enables for a stronger level of involvement of the marginalised persons and Most at Risk Populations groups, communities and leaders.

HRAPF supplements its efforts by building the capacity of paralegals and other resource persons identified by the respective marginalised persons and Most at Risk Populations organisations and networks to be able to work within their communities to increase access to Justice. 

The organisation also partners with mainstream human rights organisations and legal aid service providers to expand legal aid for marginalised persons and Most at Risk Populations groups and provide mentorship to paralegals.  It also works with informal justice systems and traditional cultural structures to address injustices through mediation.

Since 2010 when the legal aid clinic was established, HRAPF has both directly and indirectly reached over 10,000 marginalised persons in Uganda.

The program employs the following strategies:

  • Legal Aid Service Provision
  • Engaging Communal Justice systems
  • Support to Community Paralegal Program
  • Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration



  • American Jewish World Service - AJWS

    American Jewish World Service - AJWS

    HRAPF is using the law to help Uganda’s most marginalized people seek justice..
  • Sheila Muwanga - HRAPF Trustee

    Sheila Muwanga - HRAPF Trustee

    In 2014 HRAPF made tremendous achievements. The most remarkable one was taking the lead on the process that led to the nullification of the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014.