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Angola outlaws same sex sexual conduct and criminalises discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

On 23rd January 2019, the Parliament of Angola adopted a new Penal Code, outlawing the criminalisation of consensual same sex sexual conduct. The ‘vices against nature’ provision which is an...

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22 November 2018: Minister for Ethics and Integrity Bars Key Population Rights Activists from Addressing the National HIV Prevention Symposium

On 22nd of November 2018, the Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Rev.Fr.Simon Lokodo, clamped down on the National HIV Prevention Symposium, and ordered the removal of key population rights leaders...

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PRESS STATEMENT Kampala, Friday 9th November 2018 HRAPF SUPPORTS THE CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE TO THE ‘IDLE AND DISORDERLY’ LAWS Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF) supports the petition challenging Section 168 (1)...

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HRAPF releases third issue of the Human Rights Advocate focusing on the new NGO Act 2016

The Human Rights Advocate magazine is a legislative review and advocacy tool in favour of marginalised groups. Each issue contains deliberations from a variety of authors on a particular enactment...

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HRAPF releases analysis of the Human Rights Enforcement Bill, 2015

HRAPF has made an analysis of The Human Rights Enforcement Bill, 2015. The Bill was published in the Uganda Gazette on 1 October 2015 as Bill No 26 of 2015...

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Opinion: We need to open up about abortion instead of gagging discussions

The abortion question has recently made headlines with the Executive Order released by the new United States President prohibiting any aid from the US going to organisations, which provide services...

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  • American Jewish World Service - AJWS

    American Jewish World Service - AJWS

    HRAPF is using the law to help Uganda’s most marginalized people seek justice..
  • Sheila Muwanga - Chairperson, Board of Directors

    Sheila Muwanga - Chairperson, Board of Directors

    In 2014 HRAPF made tremendous achievements. The most remarkable one was taking the lead on the process that led to the nullification of the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014.